List of archives and libraries where cadastral maps and documents are stored.

ArcheoBiblioBase "Archives in Russia" - an excellent on-line guide on main Russian archives. You can find there information on all the archives (not libraries) listed here. Addresses, contact names and working hours, guidebooks, brief description of collections. What is important, regularly updated :)

Address: 191065, St. Petersburg, ul. Millionnaia (formerly Khalturina), 36
Telephone: (812) 315-90-54; RdngRm: 315-91-87
Hours: M-F 9:30-17:45 (August closed)
Director: Valentin Grigor'evich Mishanov (tel. 312-11-37)
Head of the Reading Room: Nataliia Alekseevna Gots
More about the archive at ArcheoBiblioBase "Archives in Russia" Address: 190000, St. Petersburg, Angliiskaia nab. (formerly
Krasnogo Flota), 4
Telephone: 311-09-26; Fax: (812) 311-22-52
Hours: M-Th 10:00-17:30, F 10:00-17:00
Director: Aleksandr Rostislavovich Sokolov (tel. 311-09-26)
Head of Information and Use Division: Larisa Ivanovna
Sinitsyna (tel. 311-21-11)
Head of the Reading Room: Serafima Igorevna Varekhova
More about the archive at ArcheoBiblioBase "Archives in Russia" Address: 119817, Moscow, ul. Bol'shaia Pirogovskaia, 17
Telephone: 245-83-23; Fax: (095)245-30-98; RdngRm: 245-83-25
Hours: MW 12:00-20:00; TuThF 10:00-17:30 (Summer:
MTuWTh 10:00-17:30, August closed)
Director: Mikhail Petrovich Lukichev (tel. 246-50-91)
Head of User Services: Svetlana Romanovna Dolgova (tel. 245-81-74)
Head of the Reading Room: Aleksandr Ivanovich Gamaiunov (tel. 245-83-25)
More about the archive at ArcheoBiblioBase "Archives in Russia" Address: 107005, Moscow, ul. 2-ia Baumanskaia, 3
Telephone: 261-20-70; Fax: (095) 267-18-66; RdngRm: 267-44-62
Hours: Fall 1999: the archive is closed for renovation until
May 2000; normal: MW 10:00-20:00; TuTh 10:00-17:00; F 10:00-16:00 (Summer: MTuWTh 9:45-17:00, F 9:45-15:45)
Director: Irina Olegovna Garkusha (tel. 261-86-96, 261-20-70)
Head of the Reading Room: Tat'iana Iur'evna Burmistrova (tel. 267-44-62)
More about the archive at ArcheoBiblioBase "Archives in Russia" Russian National Library, Department of Manuscripts, Map Room (Российская Национальная библиотека, отдел рукописей, отдел картографии)
Director Vladimir Zaitsev (812)310-28-56 (812)318-90-00
Office  (812)310-28-56
Secretary for research activity
18, Sadovaya st., 191069, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Tel: (812) 310-28-56
Fax: (812) 310-61-48
(URL): Director - PhD in economics Victor Vasilyevich Fedorov.
Address: 3/5, Vozdvizhenka street, Moscow, 101000 Russia.
Underground stations "Arbatskaya", "Aleksandrovskiy sad", "Borovitskaya", "Biblioteka im V.I.Lenina".
Inquiries: 222-83-40
Administration: 202-73-71
Fax: 202-35-65, 290-60-62
Map Room Head: Kotelnikova Natalia Evdokimovna