Doctor of Biology (Both Russian degrees).


1977-1979 MSU Interdept. Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry & Molecular Biology
1979-81 (DNA in mouse meiotic pachytene - cells’ fractionation, stages’ reassociation kinetics).
1981-83 Institute of General Genetics ( now RAS) (RNA transcription dynamics in Drosophila larvae brain, drosophila cells’ cultivation). VNIIGenetica (GlavMicroBioProm, now MinMedProm),
1983-87 (bacillus riboflavin operon subcloning and the beginning of its sequencing). VINITI & Institute of Molecular Genetics (now RAS),
Supplementary activities 
(DNA-RNA-Protein Database formats: EMBL feature table terms, EMBL DNA/RNA Sequence Database re-editing ; development in PC-readable formats of: all sequencing-used organisms’ classification, genomes’-sequences’ extraction, restriction &subcloning strategy, keywords’ general thesaurus in multi-factor cluster form.).
1988- up today. Institute of History of Science & Technology (now RAS),

Thesis theme: ‘‘History of DNA/RNA taxonomy & its phylogenetic applications’’ (501 p., multi-color cognitive graphics, 996 references). (Candidate of Biological Sciences - March 12. 1994, Doctor of Biological Sciences - December 02. 1994)

Fields of interest now: 
evolution, DNA/RNA/protein taxonomy, phylogenetics, genomics (including human), meta - genetics, cognitive grafics, bio-logics, metaphors in genetics, information theory in biology, concepts in biological cognition, bio-mystical concepts in the hystory of different human cultures long before & during rational sciences’ formation & development up today. (See List of Publications Concerning Science).
Languages in use: 
English, Russian, Spanish.